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pneumatic rotary power collet chuck

Rotary Power Collet Chuck - Collet Type


Rotary Power Chuck Introduction
Rotary Power Chuck Dimensions/Specifications
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Rotary Power Chuck Introduction

It used to be complex for users to convert a manual chuck system to a power one, since setting up a hydraulic system not only is expensive, but also is troublesome. JATO Rotary Power Collet Chuck is specially designed to help users to set up a power workholding system in a low cost way. With a built-in rotary cylinder, JATO's Rotary Power Chuck allows users to easily and quickly set up a power workholding system, and saving cost on purchasing an additional rotary actuator. JATO Rotary Power Chuck also has quick-change jaw/collet design, helping you to cope with parts of various dimensions.

Rotary Power Chuck comes with both pneumatic collet chuck and hydraulic collet chuck models. Rotary Power Chuck now is widely applied to convert manual lathe to semi-auto ones with power workholding system, or is applied to build special purpose machines for machining tubes, bars, bicycle parts, etc..

  • Air/Hydro cylinder is built-in. No need for extra cylinders.
  • Repeatability for collet type power chuck: 0.030mm-0.050mm.
  • Aluminum alloy chuck body, light weighted, good heat dispensation.
  • Allows non-stop operation when loading parts.
  • Widely applied to convert manual lathe into powered ones.
  • Widely applied to build special purpose machines.
  • Do not spray cutting fluid to the chuck directly.
  • Trans JA7-44/JH7-44 from O.D. chucking to I.D. expanding easily by installaing a I.D. Expanding Kit.

ja7-44 collet chuck

JA7-44/JH7-44 I.D. Expanding

expanding mandrel

JA7-44/JH7-44 for O.D. Chucking / I.D. Expanding

Rotary Power Chuck Dimensions/Specifications

power chuck dimension

JA7-44 (Pneumatic)
JH7-44 (Hydraulic)
A 192mm (7.56") 192mm (7.56")
B 155mm (6.10") 155mm (6.10")
C 44mm (1.73") 44mm (1.73")
D 5mm (0.20") 5mm (0.20")
E 135mm (5.31") 135mm (5.31")
G 110mm (4.33") 110mm (4.33")
H 212mm (8.35") 212mm (8.35")
I 172mm (6.77") 172mm (6.77")
J (Rear Mounting) 3H - M10 x P1.5 3H - M10 x P1.5
Working Collet C-44 Collet
C-44I Expanding Kit
C-44 Collet
C-44I Expanding Kit
Air/Hydro Actuated Air Hydro
Operating Pressure 2-20kg/cm2 (28-286psi) 2-20kg/cm2 (28-286psi)
Max. RPM 1600 1600
Max. Capacity
44mm (1.73") 44mm (1.73")
Piston Area 116cm2 (18in2) 116cm2 (18in2)
Clamping Force 5400kgf@7kg/cm2
Net Weigh 17kg (37.4lbs) 17kg (37.4lbs)

manual lathe into power chuck

Front-Mounting onto Lathe

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