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Pneumatic Collet Chuck

JAP200-BZI Pneumatic Collet Chuck

Hainbuch Collet

*Adopts Hainbuch Style Precision Clamping Heads

Collet Chuck Features
Collet Chuck Dimensions/Specifications
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Pneumatic Collet Chuck Features

JATO JAP200-BZI Cylinder Integrated Air Collet Chuck provides you with irreplaceable convenience to set up your power collet chuck system. With JATO's unique technology, JAP200-BZI Collet Chuck integrates itself a high performance air cylinder, saving you from installing an extra cylinder, tailor making any draw tube or any air feeders. With its real front-mounting design, the installation for a power collet chuck system is revolutionarily easier than ever.

JAP200-BZI Air Collet Chuck works with Hainbuch style precision clamping heads, providing a high accuracy 0.010mm and very large chucking force. No extra rotary cylinder is needed. There are currently 2 models available: JAP207-42BZI air collet chuck and JAP210-B80 air collet chuck.

  • Precision pull-back air collet chuck: 0.010mm repeatability (JAP207-42BZI).
  • Air cylinder is integrated. No need to install an extra cylinder.
  • Hainbuch style BZI type precision clamping heads, compatible with Hainbuch/ROHM/Autoblok's clamping heads.
  • Large through hole, no limitation caused by the draw tube.
  • Suitable for CNC lathe, grinder, or 4axis/5axis rotary table or index table auto chucking system.

Hanibuch Change-over

Clamping Heads Manual Changeover

install on cnc lathe

Air Collet Chuck installed on CNC Lathe

install collet chuck on rotary table

Air Collet Chuck installed on Rotary Tables

Collet Chuck Dimensions/Specifications

air collet chuck dimension

(Build to Order)
A 196 (7.71") 248 (9.76")
B 155 (6.10") 200 (7.87")
C 42 (1.65") 80 (3.15")
D 5 (0.20") 5 (0.20")
E 146 (5.75") 140 (5.51")
F 70 (2.76") 69 (2.80")
G 142 (5.60") 197 (7.76")
H 172 (6.77") 226 (8.89")
Mounting Screw Hole 3H-ø11.0
(M10 Front-Mounting) +
(M10 Rear Mounting)
(M10 Front-Mounting)
Working Collet SK42BZI or compatible SK80BZI or compatible
Max. RPM 2500 1500
Operating Pressure 0.5-7kg/cm2
Max. Capacity 42mm (1.65") 80mm (3.15")
Clamping Force 3700kgf@7kg/cm2
Net Weight 20kgs (44lbs) 31kgs (68lbs)

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