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spindle collet chuck

JAK-40 Spindle Collet Chuck- 16C Collet


Spindle Collet Chuck Features
Spindle Collet Chuck Dimensions
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Spindle Collet Chuck Features

The JAK-40 Spindle Collet Chuck works with standard 16c spring collet. The JAK-40 Spindle Collet Chuck is a combination of spindle and a pneumatic collet chuck, suitable for building Special Purpose Machines (SPM). The JAK-40 Spindle Collet Chuck max. RPM is up to 2800. The max. chucking force is up to 4200kgf at 7kg/cm-sq input air pressure.

  • Work with 16C collet. 40mm chucking capacity.
  • Spindle run-out less than 0.010mm. Work-part chucking run-out less than 0.030mm.
  • Compressed air actuated. High speed up to 2800 RPM.
  • Large clamping force. 4200kgf@7kg/cm2.

Spindle Collet Chuck Dimensions

16c collet spindle chuck
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