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vertical collet chuck

CAF Stationary Collet Chuck (Vertical Chuck)

* Pneumatic actuated vertical collet chuck


Stationary Collet Chuck Introduction
Stationary Collet Chuck Dimensions/Specifications
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Stationary Collet Chuck Introduction

CAF Stationary Pneumatic Collet Chuck (Vertical Collet Chuck) is designed for drilling or tapping process. The CAF Stationary Collet Chuck features low-cost design and is high resistance to cutting chips, fluid and dust. This collet chuck can be operated under harsh environment for long hours without any malfunction. CAF also is widely applied on multi-shaft or multi-way drilling/tapping machines in full-automatic or semi-automatic.

  • Cast iron collet chuck body.
  • Pneumatic actuated collet chuck.
  • High accuracy. High rigidity. Long product life.
  • High resistant to cutting chips, fluid or dust.
  • Chuck force-opening design ensures no work-part jamming.
  • Double pistons design (CAF-40, CAF-70) to enhance chucking force.
  • New model: CHF-44I expanding stationary chuck.

CAF Chuck Application Diagram

caf stationary collet chuck for SPMs
CAF Stationary Collet Chuck is applied as workholding
for CNC tapping centers or rotary SPMs (special purpose machines)


Stationary Collet Chuck Dimensions/Specifications

vertical collet chuck dimension

CAF-25 Stationary Collet Chuck
CAF-40 Stationary Collet Chuck
CAF-70 Stationary Collet Chuck
CHF-44I expanding Model
A 40mm (1.57") 94mm (3.70") 136mm (5.35") --
B 160mm (6.30") 190mm (7.48") 212mm (8.35") 180mm (7.09")
C 220mm (8.66") 265mm (10.43") 285mm (11.22") 240mm (9.45")
D 73mm (2.87") 99mm (3.90") 105mm (4.13") 74mm (2.91")
E 108mm (4.25") 122mm (4.80") 135mm (5.31") 102mm (4.02")


26mm (1.02") 48mm (1.89") 68mm (2.68") --
Working Collet/Jaws YB-25 Collet C-40 Harden Jaws C-70 Harden Jaws C-44I Expanding Kit
Air/Hydro Actuated Air/Hydro Air Air Hydro
Operating Pressure 3-15kg/cm2 (43-214psi) 3-8kg/cm2 (43-114psi) 3-8kg/cm2 (43-114psi) 10-25kg/cm2 (143-286psi)
Chucking Capacity Through/Non-Through 26mm-28mm
Min. Expanding Size:
16mm (0.63")
Max. Expanding Size:
50mm (1.97")
Clamping Force (Torque) 6kgf-m (43lbf-ft) 6kgf-m (43lbf-ft) 7kgf-m (50lbf-ft) --
Chuck Net Weight 9kgs (19.8lbs) 14kgs (30.8lbs) 23kgs (50.6lbs) 14.0kgs (30.8lbs)
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